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Hello everyone, Sam from here with my review of ProfitPad, which launches on October 2nd at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

This review will go over a new release from James Fawcett, who some of you may know is one of my mentors; I'm a part of his Breakthrough Academy, which is a fantastic program, I must say. But James seldom creates low-ticket affiliate items these days; this is just the second one in about a year. I believe he's done a few of reissues of some of his past products, but in terms of completely new, this is only the second one in about a year.

ProfitPad Review - Summary

James Fawcett is the vendor.

ProfitPad Product Launch Date: 2022-Oct-02

Launch Time: 9:00 a.m. EDT Front-End Price: $17

Click Here for the Sales Page!

Recommendation: Strongly recommended

What Exactly Is ProfitPad?

ProfitPad is a practically unknown, fresh new technique with complete step-by-step instruction, the final method you'll ever need, where you can access the precise way where James obtained the fastest results he's ever seen and rinse and repeat on demand. It's a set-and-forget affiliate commission scheme with a 100-day money-back guarantee if you don't get results.

ProfitPad's Co-Founder

James Fawcett is the seller.

The vendor is James Fawcett, and he only really brings stuff out when he has something new to add to the market or something new to say, and he's created this new system ProfitPad today as it says he revealed his breakthrough money page commission system that regenerates his income day after day without fail, and it's a system that's built around single money pages that you'll create using the provided software inside ProfitPad.

ProfitPad Evaluation - Inside ProfitPad's Member Area

It now comes with highly thorough training in the form of both a separate training part and training that comes with the software itself.

So many of you will have purchased softwares where the training is extremely basic, you get access to a handful of training videos and that's pretty much it, and it may be tough to follow at times - a lot of the time because the software is also crap, but that's another story.

ProfitPAD includes genuine instruction from a software developer within the program. I'll show you everything in our ProfitPAD Review in a moment, but you also get step-by-step walkthrough instruction from James himself, so you won't have any trouble following it.

I don't advocate many softwares these days, but because this one has such a great training program behind it, I thought I'd mention it. I'm glad to promote ProfitPad extras, which you can only acquire if you purchase a copy through my affiliate link by clicking on the link below, which will take you to the salespage.

ProfitPad disclosed our breakthrough money page commission method that regenerates our revenue day after day without fail, it's generating us 1866 everyday passively here's how you can copy our success in 20 minutes.

There's a sales video there, as well as one on my bonus page: Fastest news results you've ever seen, immediate results for newcomers, many commission earning streams from in-built converting money Pages, done for you autopilot sales from over 100 new buyer traffic sources, no technical knowledge required, All-inclusive, no budget necessary, experience Freedom, perform perfectly in 2022 and beyond, a 100-day money-back guarantee, and obtain results or get paid $300 if you followed the directions.

As I previously stated, we will examine the upsells as well as the major training area. There are two distinct training locations to log into, so you have the primary training section with James and then the program itself. And the program itself contains a built-in training section from the software developer, which takes you to the developer's perspective. So now that you've got everything you could possibly need, let's have a look at my extras by clicking on the link below.

ProfitPad Evaluation - The Bonus

So what am I going to throw in if you get this through my link first? I'm going to put you six Super Solo Ads. It's an ad that you can send to all of the members across my own 25 websites in the make money online niche. There are over 30 000 members across these 25 sites, and you can send an email ad to them not once, but six times; all you have to do is send the subject line, the message that you want to send to them, and the URL after you've gone through the method and built the pages, all you have to do is make a solo ad and send visitors to them using The Six Solo Ads technique. As I previously stated, you will not find this anyplace else, and it is an extra traffic source in addition to the traffic you will receive from within the ProfitPad system.

If you're interested in ProfitPad, I strongly advise you to purchase it through my link so that you may take benefit of the additional built-in free traffic to over 30 000 people. Next, I'm going to show you another one of James' best-selling products, INFusion 2.0, as well as one of Jono Armstrong's, who happens to be one of my mentors, products that he created with oh Shubham: Lazy Traffic Sniper, which shows you how to find and monetize free buyer traffic. I'm also going to throw in a terrific release from the Digital Dames, Paula Marie and Nanda Brown. They're no longer working together, which is a pity because they've released some great products: Maeve demonstrates how to have traffic at your fingertips. Method X is another best-selling book by James Fawcett and his business partner Mark Barrett. It is not accessible if purchased straight from James, but only if purchased via me.

Octagon is another of Jono's goods that allows you to clone all of his best promotions, and ProfitForce will teach you how to earn $334 every 23 seconds. Finally, one more of James Fawcett and Mark Barrett's products: How to Make Money with Crypto and The BreakoutCode 2.0

There's a lot of stuff there for you, guys, and again, if you acquire this through my link, you'll receive their extras as well.

ProfitPad Evaluation and Pricing

I simply wanted to show you the additional perks that you'll receive from the seller, which are listed below, so first: Endgame Super Affiliate Reseller Approval is reseller rights that James is offering you to one of his goods Endgame plus a commission increase on this so you'll receive 100 percent commissions. 3 Day ProfitPad Cash Converting Campaign Series, Buyer Traffic Rolodex

We'll also look at the add-ons that come with this, The front end is 16.95, but I can tell you that if you move your cursor up as if you're going to leave the page, I've already done it, so it won't do it again, but you will see a $5 drop-down discount coupon. So if you just move your mouse up as if you're about to exit the website, that drop down coupon will display and you may earn a five dollar discount, lowering the price to only 11.95.

ProfitPad's Front End: $16.97

$47 for Upgrade 1 - Unlimited

$67 for Upgrade 2 - Auto-pilot

$197 for Upgrade 3 - DFY Package

$67 for Upgrade 4 - Agency

Upgrade 5 - Unrestricted $197 for traffic

Super Affiliate Reseller Bundle: Upgrade 6: $147

So it's a pretty strong funnel, so take anything you can afford since it's all excellent things!

This product receives a five-star rating from SamsPreviews because it is truly remarkable.

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